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The name kyanite is derived from the Greek kyanos meaning "blue."The finest specimens display colors similar to blue sapphire.The mineral kyanite is an aluminium silicate of the sillimanite group (along with andalusite and sillimanite), also called alumino-silicate.

Kyanite has the interesting property that it's hardness varies according to the direction of the crystal. Kyanite sometimes exhibits magnetic properties similar to tourmaline.


Kyanite enhances psychic imagery, foresight, consciousness, communication. Helps with receiving information psychicaly helps with manifesting things into reality via thoughts, visualization.

Physical Properties:


Kyanite Birthstone

shades of blue
6.5 - 7
Specific Gravity
3.55 - 3.66
Refractive index
1.712 -1.734

Sign of Kyanite: Taurus

Kyanite is used in the manufacture of spark plugs and other heat resistant ceramics. Kyanite is also said to bring calm and tranquility, and to facilitate meditation. It is a powerful stone to access the Universal Energy during healing.


The Greek word "kyanos" for blue provides the root for kyanite. French jewelers used the name "sappare" extensively when referring to kyanite, as a result of an error by a mineralogist from Geneva.


Brazil, USA, Switzerland, Kenya, Mozambique, Russia, Nepal, India, Burma.