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Jadeite is one of the minerals recognized as the gemstone jade.Synthetic jadeite was first produced by General Electric, and the process now produces material of quite fine quality. Jadeite is composed mainly of silica and alumina, it's green color is determined by the amount of iron present.It is interesting to note that even if the overall color is uneven or low in saturation, jadeite can still be quite valuable if it has good transparency

Usage:Jadeite is thought to promote long life and wealth. Helps to protect the kidney, heart, larynx, liver, spleen, thymus, thyroid

and strengthens the body. It invokes wisdom, peace, harmony and devotion to one's higher purpose. It acts as an emotional release tool during dreams.

Physical Properties:


Jadeite Birthstone

green, lavender, white, colorless, brown, orange
Specific Gravity
3.3 - 3.5
Refractive index

Jadeite is used as a Magical Stone


In 1863, French mineralogist Alexis Damour analyzed

bright green jades from Burma. When he found these

samples to be different from what was called Chinese jade (usually amphibole jade, or nephrite), he named the

mineral jadeite. Jadeite was used as a healing method

by the Egyptians, as well as American Indians. It was

considered a magical stone of the Aztec God of Fire.


Myanmar, Japan, and USA (Alaska and California). Nephrite Jade is from Myanmar, Russia, China and USA (Wyoming).