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Hessonite is Grossular garnet as per gemology and is found in various colours but they are known to derive their name from their first specimen found. Hessonite is usually cinnamon brown and has been called "cinnamon stone". In India Hessonite is called Gourmet and is one of the nine precious stones used a lot in astrology.


Hessonite helps to eliminate feelings of inferiority, encourages one to seek new challenges and continue personal endeavors. Provides courage for one to do personal.

Physical Properties:


Hessonite  Birthstone

Red, reddish-brown, brown, green, yellow, orange, pink, purplish-red, white, colorless, black.
6.5 - 8.5
Specific Gravity
3.5 - 4.3
Refractive index
1.780 - 1.889

Sign of Hessonite:Aquarius

Time to wear Hessonite:Two Hours After Sunset endeavors. Hessonite is used to regulate hormone production, stimulates metabolism, fortifies the immune system, and encourages absorption of nutrients. Promotes feelings of peace and inner strength. Stimulates sensitivity and sensuality.


Hessonite is found in Brazil, Canada and Siberia as well as in Maine (California) & New Hampshire in USA, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Kenya, and Tanzania.Hessonite is Grossular garnet as per gemology Hessonite is usually cinnamon brown.