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In addition to carrying the generic properties of Beryl, Goshenite is useful in past-life healing regression. It highlights pain or karma repeating in the present life and facilitates clearing the pattern. Instilling composure and a sense of being in control whatever the circumstances, it counteracts outside

influences, particularly where these are manipulating your life. If you need to become more focused, Goshenite increases you efficiency. It brings the same focused energy to learning situations.

Goshenite is a totally clear form of beryl, a mineral which has been used as a gemstone for thousands of years by many cultures. You may see goshenite used as a stand-in for diamonds in some cases, and it is also used more generally as a clear and attractive gemstone which can be cut into a variety of faceted or unfaceted shapes. Goshenite can also be treated to color it, creating a range of desirable colors for jewelry.

The impurities in Goshenite creates all the popular beryls like emeralds (green beryl), heliodor (yellow beryl), morganite (pink beryl) and aquamarine (blue beryl). This great stone also works as a substitute of diamond by placing a silver or green-colored metal foil behind a cut goshenite gemstone and then placing it in a closed setting making sure that the foil goes undetected. The base elements found in this stone are Beryllium, Aluminum and Silicon.

Physical Properties:


Goshenite Birthstone

Crystal System
USA, Brazil, China, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Norway
Crown, past life, soma

Sign of Goshenite: Libra

Element: Water

This stone has a hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 with a hexagonal crystal structure and is a perfect choice for many different types of jewelry including pins, pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Goshenite is associated with the Moon and is also known as 'White Beryl' or 'Lucid Beryl'.


Nausea, eyesight, pain, courage, stress, over-analysis, elimination, pulmonary and circulatory systems, sedation, resistance to toxins and pollutants, liver, heart, stomach, spine, concussion, throat infections.


Goshenite has been used to treat disorders and injuries with regard to the legs, especially the leg muscles. It is also quite helpful in assisting to remedy dust allergies. It the perfect stone for those in business fields where those qualities are important.


Goshenite occurs in North and South of America, particularly in Colombia, Northern Europe, East and South Africa, and the Himalayan regions of Asia.