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Overview:Goethite was named after the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and resonates to 44, the number of metamorphosis. Facilitating clairaudience, this stone enhances dowsing abilities, attuning to the note of the earth. Increasing powers of divination, Goethite shows your future where it is helpful for your soul journey.

Meditating with Goethite feels like being suspended in a silent point of non-action and non-doing. This stone also supplies the energy necessary for enjoying the human journey. An excellent communication tool, it combines inspiration with the pragmatic ability to get things done. To encourage the landing of a spaceship, grid an area with Goethite.

Iridescent Rainbow Goethite cuts through dark clouds, especially gloom and despondency, bringing light and hope into your life. Goethite has had a reputation for making rather uninteresting, dull and dirty mineral specimens. This is definitely not true of many of the fine specimens available to collectors today. Some good pieces show splendid radiating clusters of deep black crystals. Massive stalactitic forms show rainbows of irridescent colors on surreal landscapes. Many times Goethite forms the backdrop or matrix for other minerals such as red Vanadinite, making a visually appealing mineral specimen.

Physical Properties:


Goethite Birthstone

Crystal System
FeOOH, Hydrous iron oxide
USA, Germany, France, England, Canada
Clears base and aligns all

Symbolic Goethite:Aries

Blue Goethite:Wisdom and Science

After hematite, goethite is the most important ore of iron. Many substances formerly regarded as limonite are now recognized as having a definite goethite structure. In veins it forms crystals in the late stages, and thus becomes an accessory mineral of ore deposits (fluorite, barite, and hematite). Also (and more important economically), it is a secondary mineral formed under weathering conditions from sulfides and siderite.

Usage:Weight training, epilepsy, anaemia, menorrhagia, ears, nose, throat, alimentary canal, veins, oesophagus.

Legend:This mineral can teach one to enjoy the journey in life while helping along progression to the goal. It helps attune one with the ethereal realms, and enhances communication with the angels.

Occurrence: Significant deposits of goethite are found in England, Australia, Cuba, and Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee in the United States.Deposits significant in location, if not in abundance, have been found in Gusev,a Martian Crater by NASA's Spirit Rover.