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Overview:The name 'Enstatite' comes from the Greek "Enstates" which means "An Opponent" referring to its

refractory nature.It is composed of Magnesium Silicate. The most famous variety of Enstatite is Chrome-Enstatite, the

emerald-green variety which is commonly cut as a gemstone.

Enstatite is a relatively common mineral and is found in metamorphic and some igneous rocks as

well as in stony and iron meteorites.Enstatite is an orthopyroxene or a pyroxene with an orthorhombic symmetry.

Physical Properties:


Enstatite Birthstone

Green, Yellow
Specific Gravity
Refractive index

Usage:Promotes loyalty, devotion, memory and channeling abilities.It is sometimes used as an ornamental stone.

Legend:Rarely seen in jewelry stores this unusual gemstone is more for collectors than consumers. This stone does have a rather pleasing earth-tone brown color that is gaining popularity within the jewelry industry.

Occurrence: India; Burma, Tanzania, Brewster, New York, Boulder, Colorado, Jackson Co., North Carolina, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania and Maryland, USA.