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Dioptase is the talismanic stone of the African Congo. Dioptase gets its name from the Greek 'dia' meaning through and 'optos' meaning visible. The mineral was named Dioptase, by R. J. Hauyin 1797. Dioptase is a very beautiful mineral and it is one of the few minerals that can challenge the peerlessness of emerald's deep green.

Dioptase is an emerald green silicate of copper.It is mostly green but with a hint of blue and is transparant. The green colouring can sometimes be so strong that it loses its transparancy and may appear opaque.

Physical Properties:


Dioptase Birthstone

blue, green, pink, orange,yellow, brown.
Specific Gravity
Refractive index

Sign of Dioptase:Virgo


Dioptase crystal opens and expands the gate ways of the mind. Relieves mental stress and promotes love, relaxation and emotional expressiveness. It corrects disorders associated with lungs, heart and digestive absorption problems. Aids healing in the areas of the liver, cramps, chronic headaches and alleviates pain. Promotes ability to live in the moment a very powerful and releasing past life trauma.


The most famous find of Dioptase was at Altyn-Tube in the Khigiz steppes of Kazakhstan. It is very rare and valuable and the finest samples may be mistaken for emerald. The mistake was not realised until the early nineteenth century.


Dioptase occurs in Russia, United States, Chile, Tsumeb, Nambia; Zaire, Russia.