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First discovered in Danbury Connecticut, it was named after that location.This is a clear Quartz crystal. It is excellent to cleanse, purify, or debrief. It fills the Crown Chakra with joy and illumination and brings truth, honesty, a smile to the heart and open to mind and spirit.

Excellent healing tool. This is a Shamans tool and is best used in the hands of an experienced practitioner.

Danburite is usually found in metamorphosed limestones or in granites associated with low temperature hydrothermal activity. It is also found in evaporites.Danburite is not a well-known gemstone but is growing in popularity. Danburite is likely to stay a beautiful connoisseur gem!

Physical Properties:


Danburite gemstone

pink, wine-yellow and brownish.
7.0 - 7.5.
Specific Gravity
2.07 - 3.03
Refractive index
1.627 - 1.641

Sign of Danburite: Leo


This stone helps to release us from the narrow focus created by ego needs and allows us to view our lives from the perspective of spirit - a viewpoint which allows us to use everything which happens in our lives as an opportunity to grow.It strengthens the mind, the nervous system, life force and awareness. It is slightly heat sensitive and does have some cleavage that is usually not a problem, but can appear once and a while.This stone will promote faith and the comprehension of spiritual law.


Japan, Mexico, Burma, and Madagascar,Myanmar (Burma), Japan, Malagasy Republic, Mexico and Connecticut (USA),Charcas (San Luis Potosi) Kyushu Island (Japan), Uri (Switzerland) and more recently Madagascar island.