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Overview:Named after Creede, Colorado, where it was first found, Creedite attunes to a high spiritual vibration and can be used to clarify channelled messages and impressions. Said to help attune to the universal wisdom embodied in ancient texts, it enhances spiritual communication at any level. Creedite assists with out-of-body experiences, guiding the soul to its destination and promoting total recall of the experience afterwards. Orange Creedite imparts urgency to spiritual evolution, speeding up the ability to move between different levels of consciousness and attuning the physical body to the changing vibration.particularly against evil spirits. Chrysoberyl has long been considered a good luck charm in numerous cultures.

Creedite is a rather rare sulfate found as an accessory to highly oxidized ore bodies. It can be confused with cobalt-rich adamite when its color is purple. It lacks adamite's luster, though, and adamite's dome termination is not slanted, as creedite's is. Creedite's purple color is attractive and its crystal form is unique, making Creedite a nice mineral collection addition.Small crystals that are usually found embedded in a white matrix form this mineral.

Creedite forms at the expense of the fluorite. That is why one can find, on some few specimens, fluorite chips and shards attached to the creedite. The shards came from the movement in the chimney area which broke the rhyolite wall rock and turned the massive fluorite into shards. The creedite was deposited at this time by hot water solutions. The term "breccia pipe" would be an accurate description of this area. The creedite specimens float in a sea of clay. Depending on the character of the clay, the Creedite can be dull or shiny, pale or dark orange, small or large crystals.

Physical Properties:


Creedite Birthstone

Crystal System
Ca3 Al2 (SO4) (F,OH) 1O
USA, Mexico
Throat, crown

Sign of Creedite: Virgo


Fractures, torn muscles and ligaments, stabilizing the pulse, assimilation of A, B and E Vitamins.


Creedite stone has healing power. Occasionally it is found in a violet form, which gives power to the third eye area, this is good for spirituality. It helps us to be connected to the spiritual opening.


Notable occurrences include Mapimi, Colquiri, Bolivia and Colorado, USA. . It also occurs in the Potosi and other mines of Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico. It is also found in La Paz, Bolivia; Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan and Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.