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Overview:Named after its discoverer, Italian mineralogist N. Covelli, this stone facilitates energy flow through cells, detoxifying and removing stagnant energy. Connecting to the higher self, Convellite transforms dreams into realities and stimulates metaphysical abilities. This reflect stone opens a doorway to the past and to the wisdom you acquired then, releasing anything holding you back, particularly ingrained beliefs from other lives.Convellite harmonizes body, mind and soul and facilitates loving yourself unconditionally while eliminating vanity and arrogance. This is a helpful stone if you feel vulnerable and too easily stimulate by others. Convellite facilitates rational analytic thought and the decision making process. It protects the body against radiation.

The structure of covellite is somewhat analogous to the structures of the phyllosilicate minerals. In covellite some of the copper ions are at the center of sulfur tetrahedrons that are

linked on their bases to form sheets. The other copper ions are combined with three sulfur ions in flat triangular groups similar to the triangular groups of the typical carbonates These triangular groups lie in a plane between the tetragonal sheets.

Physical Properties:


Covellite Birthstone

Crystal System 
CuS, Cupric sulphide
Specific Gravity
4.6 to 4.8
USA, Italy, Germany, Sardinia, Wales

Sign of Covellite: Sagittarius

Usage: Communication, creativity, rebirthing, sexuality, detoxification, radiation-induced disease, despondency, anxiety, birth, rebirth, digestion,cancer, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, sinuses, throat. Covellite is said to be useful to aid disordered cancer cells to become re-ordered. It is said to purge associated toxins from the body. It is especially useful if applied within the sacral chakra of the body. It is also useful for enhancing creativity skills and may improve libido if needed.

Legend: While Covellite may be a stone of contradictions, it has the ability to aid your life in many ways. It allows you to see past life karma and release it and its positive vibration will enhance a positive outlook. This may aid you to transform your dreams into reality, and live the life you desire.

Occurrence: Some of the best Covellite comes from Montana in the USA, but deposits of this stone have also been found in Italy, Germany, Sardinia.