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Named after Parker Cleaveland, a professor of geology and mineralogy at Bowdoin College in Maine during the early 1800s. A stone of initiation, Clevelandite links the three phases of the goddess-maiden, mother and crone –and brings about rebirth. Excellent if you want to bring about a profound life change, Clevelandite helps you to focus on exactly what

change you need and shows you the gifts and tools you have at your disposal, assisting you to move forward into the future with equanimity and providing a safe passage for your journey. Clevelandite also assists in turning difficult circumstances into positive, life-affirming situations and can release deeply held emotional fears of abandonment, rejection and betrayal or the consequences of such experiences.

Clevelandite, a variety of Albite, is a pure sodium feldspar. In the earth's crust, feldspars are more abundant than all other minerals combined. It occurs as sharp, well-formed, bladed crystals from millimeter size to several centimeters in length. The pink color tends to fade somewhat after extended periods of natural light.

Clevelandite can be distinguished from other plagioclase feldspars by its specific gravity and refractive index. Plagioclase feldspars can be distinguished from most other common feldspars by the presence of albite twin striations. In the field, albite is recognizable by its occurence, albite twin striations, crystal habit, color and transparency.

Physical Properties:


Clevelandite Birthstone

Crystal System

Sign of Clevelandite:  Libra

Element: Wind


Puberty, menopause, cell membrances, cardiovascular disorders, joints, strokes. Clevelandite is used commercially in ceramics. It is ground very fine and mixed with kaolin and quartz. Upon heating, the feldspar fuses and acts as a cement binding the materials together. Fused feldspar also is the main constituent in the glaze on porcelain. Sometimes feldspar is also used to supply alumina in the manufacture of glass


Cleavelandite can substantiate one's plans and goals, and bring energies toward that end. It stimulates the initiation of journeys and provides for safe passage. Furthers relationships and assists one in all undertakings.


Notable occurrences include Brazil; Ural Mountains, Russia; several African localities and California, USA.