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Cat's Eye harmonizes Ketu which is traditionally known as the 'Tail of the Dragon'. It is an aluminate of beryllium- a mixture of aluminum and beryllium having traces of oxide of iron and chromium. This is one of many stones that exhibit a phenomena effect involving a reflected line down the center of the stone when viewed in direct light.

Cat's-eyes are especially popular in men's jewelry. Cat's-eye chrysoberyl, a cousin of color-changing

Alexandrite, is a variety of chrysoberyl which has a distinct band of light across its face which sweeps from side to side.

Physical Properties:

Cat's Eyes

Cats Eye Birthstone

yellow, green, brown, gold color
Specific Gravity
3.68 - 3.78
Refractive index
1.742 -1.757


Cat's Eye stimulates awareness and intuition.This gem will protect the wearer from all the types of mysterious dangers and diseases.Wearing a cat's eye increases physical strength, radiance, stamina, happiness, wealth and the joy of progeny. Protects against witchcraft and death.


India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Brazil, Myanmar, and China are places of Cat's Eye occurrences.

Sign of Cat's eye: Pisces