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Boracite is similar to quartz, in that it has high temperature and low temperature phases. Boracite is an evaporite mineral and it occurs associated with beds of halite, anhydrite, and gypsum.A variety of Boracite is called "Strassfurtite" and is a fibrous form found at Strassfurt, Germany.

Boracite contains a high concentration of the chemical Boron. Boracite is a mineral of a white or grey colour occurring massive and in isometric crystals. Crystals of Boracite are vitreous, transparent to translucent, and occur in a variety of forms.

Physical Properties:


Boracite Birthstone

White, colorless, pale yellow, green and blue
7 - 7.5
Specific Gravity
2.9 - 3.0


Boracite is rarely used in jewelry. In industrial applications, Boracite is used as an ore of boron for boric acid and borax (a cleaning agent and useful industrial chemical).


A rare mineral, Boracite was first discovered in Luneburg, Hanover, Germany in 1789.


Yorkshire, England; Strassfurt, Germany; Bolivia; Chactaw Salt Dome, Louisiana and Otis, California.