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Overview:The name comes from the Greek word, onux, which means fingernail. Black onyx reveals dark and deep opaque qualities. Black onyx is uniformly black chalcedony. It's one of the first grounding stones; as such, it encourages connection to material goals and to determination in realizing them. Black onyx is available as a tumbled stone, and totems.

Usage: It is said to encourage the growth of fingernails, hair and skin.Onyx is soothing and helps in focus, to banish grief and old habits.Onyx is an extremely potent protective stone, and is widely known for its ability to protect

against psychic attacks and hexes. It prevents the draining away of personal energy. Used to enhance self-control and aid in wise decision-making. Helps overcome feelings of loneliness and alienation.

Physical Properties:


Black Onyx  Birthstone

Black, usually dyed now.
Specific Gravity
refractive index

Sign of Black Onyx:Leo

Legend: In Greek times, almost all colors of chalcedony, from fingernail white to black and everything

in-between, were referred to as Onyx. Romans eventually

applied the term to describe black and dark brown colors only. Black Onyx was used in the memorial jewelry

of England's Victoria's mourning period. The Romans associated it with courage and it is thought to be useful

when one is defending him/her against unfair criticism.

Occurrence: Black Onyx is found in Brazil, Madagascar and India.