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The name beryl is of the Ancient Greek "beryllos" which was originally applied to all green gemstones, but later used only for beryl. Beryls are hard minerals consisting of beryllium aluminum silicate.The most famous variety of beryl is emerald. Beryl is also the principle source of beryllium,

which is used in the manufacture of light-weight metal alloys of high tensile strength and superior hardness and fatigue resistance. Beryls are popular gemstones, and not only because of their gorgeous colours, they also convince because of their high brilliance and their excellent hardness. Beryls are some of the most valuable of all the colored gemstones.


Beryl increases psychic awareness and heightens human potential by expanding the mind to grasp the laws of nature. Beryl is believed to bring good luck and give eternal youthfullness.It is said to protect travelers from danger and to treat disorders of the heart and spine.

It stimulates the mind, increases confidence and cleanses. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the heart, liver and spine and can also be helpful in treating concussions and damage to the cranial portion of the head.

Physical Properties:


Beryl  Birthstone

colorless, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink and very rarely red.
7.5 - 8.0
Specific Gravity
2.62 - 2.91
refractive index
1.566 - 1.602

Sign of Beryl:Scorpio


Beryl spheres or eggs were used for scrying during the renaissance.The ancients used beryl in rain-making rituals. In the early 1200s, beryl was thought to help in courtroom litigation as well as on the battle field. There is a "gem city" in greek myth, called the city of the islands of the blessed where beryl formed the temples of the gods


Beryl occurs in the United States,Mexico,Russia, Brazil, and India,South American, Western Africa,Madagascar, and Ukraine .