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Avalonite is a semi translucent massive stone displaying banded peachy coral and green colors, sometimes mottled with black hornblende. Avalonite is a recently discovered new gemstone, a variety of the mineral group zoisite. Avalonite occurs as veins and lenses within a small defined area of the metamorphic outcrops in the North central portion of Washington State, USA.

The Avalonite deposit is located in Okanogan County near Riverside, Washington. Avalonite is not to be confused with a common gray/blue form of agate. Avalonite is closely related to the gemstone Thulite. Avalonite and Thulite are in the Zoisite family of minerals.

Avalonite is a newly discovered stone. This stone is found in the state of Washington,USA. It is a form of zoisite and closely related to Thulite. Some of the minerials found in it are feldspar, hornblende, mica, calcium, silica . This stone deals with issues with the fear of love. Anything that you are afraid of loving, this stone will help you overcome it. As well as fear of being wrong or failing in something.

Avalonite is useful in calming and aiding meditation and visualization. Also useful in aiding psychic awareness and delving into the mythical past and collective consciousness. It helps with addictions eating problems, alcholism and roast recovery. It vibrates to the number 9.

Physical Properties:


Avalonite Birthstone

Crystal System
SiO2 Silicon dioxide
USA, Brazil, Austria, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iceland, England, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Morocco
Links sacral and heart, soma, past life

Sign of Avalonite:Cancer


In addition to carrying the generic properties of Chalcedony and Blue Chalcedony, Avalonite accesses the mythical realms where fairy tales and legends live and this stone acts as facilitator for creatively reworking the myths. Contacting fairies, elves and devas, it links into ancient magic. Metaphysical awareness is opened by the contours of Avalonite, enhancing visualization. To contact your inner wise woman/man or explore priestess/priest incarnations, gaze into Drusy Blue Chalcedony. This stone enhances practical wisdom and presence of mind, especially when faced with new situations.


Perfect for those who fear to love or dread failure, it opens the heart and discovers your true, perfect self, and assists you in recognizing that you are never alone. Use Avalonite to harmonize emotional, mental and spiritual wisdom at the centre of your being.


North Central Washington is the only known world occurrence of Avalonite.