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Overview:Aragonite is a common carbonate mineral. It is unfortunately often thought of as the poor cousin to calcite. But aragonite is an interesting and attractive mineral in its own right. It forms interesting habits and can have a soft pretty color. Its modes of formation and relationship to calcite are both curious and intriguing. Aragonite is technically unstable at normal surface temperatures and pressures. It is stable at higher pressures, but not at higher temperatures such that in order to keep aragonite stable with increasing temperature, the pressure must also increase. If aragonite is heated to 400 degrees C, it will spontaneously convert to calcite if the pressure is not also increased.

Usage: Patience, emotional stress, anger, reliability, acceptance, flexibility, tolerance, pain –especially lower back, grounding, wound–healing, Reynauds disease,Chills, bones, calcium absorption, disc elasticity, night twitches, muscle spasm, immune system, regulates processes.

Combating disease, especially nervous twitching arising out of inner unrest, and warming the extremities, Aragonite distributes energy through the whole body. It stabilizes spiritual development that is occurring too fast. Useful for people who push themselves too hard, Aragonite encourages delegating. Its disciplined energy promotes a pragmatic approach to life. A supportive stone, it gives insight into causes of problems and gently takes you back into childhood or beyond.

Physical Properties:


Aragonite Birthstone

Crystal System
CaCO3 Calcium carbonate
Arizona (USA), UK, Morocco, Namibia, New Mexico (USA), Spain
Earth, base

Sign of Aragonite: Capricorn

Zodiac Associations:Mars

It is a crystal that can be useful in past life meditations. Serpentine assists with the balancing of the emotions and lowers stress levels, promoting calmness & compromise to resolve conflicts. The additions of Stichtite further enduces calmness, promoting thinking with love prior to speaking with intellect.. It stimulates the inner awareness and positive behaviour modification for children.

Legend: Aragonite resonates to the Earth Mother and is an excellent earth-healer and grounding stone. Transforming geopathic stress and blocked ley lines, this stone can be placed on a map to heal disturbance in the earth. Centring physical energies and calming over-sensitivity, Aragonite deepens connection with the earth, setting 'floaty' people comfortably into their body.

Occurance: Aragonite occurrences from two areas of the Western Alps are described. It is shown that aragonite has been formed under blueschist metamorphic conditions in the Western Vanoise, while it has been precipitated under sub-surface conditions in the Queyras region.