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Overview:Formed from Celestite that has been compressed over millions of years into one of the stones of awareness for the New Age, Angelite represents peace and brotherhood. Facilitating conscious contact with the angelic realm, it enhances telepathic communication and enables out-of-body journeys to take place while still in contact with everyday reality. Angelite has been used to enhance astrological understanding and to bring deeper understanding of mathematics. This is a powerful stone for healers as it deepens attunement, heightens perception and provides protection for the environment or the body. It encourages you to speak your truth and to be more accepting. Alleviating psychological pain and counteracting cruelty, Angelite transmutes disorders into wholeness.

Usage: Compassion, rebirthing, meridians and energetic pathways, throat, inflammation, thyroid and the parathyroids, tissue and blood vessels, fluid balance, diuretic, weight control, lungs, arms, sunburn.

Angelite is a stone of heightened awareness, with special focus on peace and brotherhood. It gives protection in the environment around your body. Angelite is believed to be helpful in telepathic communication. If two people wished to be connected in that way while they were physically apart they could each carry pieces of angelite.

Physical Properties:


Angelite Birthstone

Crystal System
Throat, third eye

Sign of Angelite: Aquarius
Color:Pale Blue & White

As its name suggests it also helps in communication with angels. In addition, you can use it to connect with your animal spirit guides. Angelite is also one of the light-blue stones associated with the healing of anger. When we think of anger as a disconnection from others it makes sense that a communication stone would help to heal relationships not only with others, but also with oneself.


Healers use angelite to unblock energy pathways. It can be used for relief from throat inflammations, and to balance the thyroid. Angelite also repairs and soothes tissues and blood vessels. It is very useful for weight control.

Mexico, Peru, Germany and New Mexico.