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Overview:Andradite is a rare Garnet, and its gem varieties are highly regarded. It is a Silicate of calcium and iron. The most valuable gem form of Garnet is the rare Demantoid variety of Andradite. Andradite was named after the Portuguese mineralogist D'Andrade.

Usage: Andradite unearths buried secrets. Andradite is said to give vitality and to help prevent fears, insecurity, and feelings of loneliness. Black Andradite is said to be powerful for protection, enhancing life force and for manifesting desires.

Andradite has the most powerful luster of any garnet, and this makes it a reputable gem. Andradite specimens are also highly sought

after by mineral collectors, who marvel at the well-formed crystals and aggregates.

Physical Properties:


Andradite Birthstone

Yellow, green, orange, brown, gray, black, white.
6.5 – 7.5
Specific Gravity
3.8 – 3.9
Refractive index


* Demantoid - emerald-green to green variety of Andradite.

* Topazolite - yellow variety of Andradite.

* Melanite - lustrous, opaque black or dark red variety of Andradite.


Russia (Ural Mountains), Italy, Democratic Republic

of Congo (Zaire) and Kenya have Andradite.

Sign of Andradite: Capricorn