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Overview:Amblygonite assists you to nurture yourself and to reconcile dualities, integrating polarities. It awakens your sense of being an immortal soul. A useful stone for gently releasing emotional hooks from the solar plexus, it assists in ending relationships without angry consequences. This stone calms a stomach that is knotted up with anxiety. It can be used to grid areas of discordance or public disorder, especially where young people are involved. In healing, it activates the electrical systems of the body and can be taped over the thymus to protect against computer emanations or radiations in those who are sensitive.Amblygonite is a relatively common phosphate mineral. It is found in lithium and phosphate rich pegmatites as a primary mineral. Amblygonite, as it turns out, is easily confused for other host rock members such as quartz and albite. The general appearance of amblygonite does resemble these two minerals especially the albite but it can be differentiated with a flame test for lithium, density and by its unusual cleavage.

Usage: Stress, genetic disorders, arts, music, poetry, creativity, stomach, digestion, headaches.

In amblygonite's chemistry, the lithium and sodium substitute for each other but there is a greater percentage of lithium than sodium. A mineral with the same structure and chemistry as amblygonite but with more sodium than lithium is called natramblygonite. There is also substitution between the hydroxide and fluorine. Amblygonite also forms a solid solution series with the often associated mineral montebrasite and differs from amblygonite by being richer in hydroxide instead of fluorine. The structures of the two minerals are the same and there are no discernible differences

in physical properties between the two. In fact many specimens labeled amblygonite are in fact montebrasite. Amblygonite has a fairly compact structure. This fact gives rise to a somewhat high specific gravity. Of course a specific gravity of around 3.05 is not considered very high in the mineral kingdom. But a look at amblygonite's formula shows the elements sodium, lithium, aluminum, hydrogen, fluorine, oxygen and phosphorous. None of these elements are heavy and a mineral composed of these elements would be expected to have a specific gravity lower than 3. Both quartz and albite have lower specific gravities than amblygonite.

Physical Properties:



Crystal System
(Li, Na) Al (PO4) (F,OH)
USA, Germany, Brazil, France, Sweden, Myanmar, Canada
Solar plexus, opens and aligns all

Sign of amblygonite: Taurus

Gem quality amblygonite is mined in Brazil and the region of Myanmar formerly known as Burma. These gems are an attractive yellow color and have an index of

refraction of 1.61 and 1.64. This is a relatively low index of refraction but is higher than beryl or quartz and on par with topaz and tourmaline.


Notable occurrences are Minas Gerais, Brazil; Montebras, France; Germany; Varutrask, Sweden; Sakangyi, Burma; Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. In the United States localities include Pala

District of San Diego County, California; Newry, Hebron, Buckfield and Topsham, Maine; Taos County, New

Mexico; Yavapai County, Arizona and the Black Hills area of South Dakota.