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Amazonite is a mostly opaque stone textured with pale milky-white cloudiness or streaking ranging from light green to greenish blue to deep green/blue. The sparkle from the softer Amazonite allows you to wear this piece with just about everything.


Amazonite balances feminine energy. It promotes kindness and practicality. Amazonite helps balance the emotions and gives physical stamina.With an energy like taking a deep breath, this stone helps us to speak our personal truth.

A soothing and calming stone, it aids us in releasing worries and fears so that we may communicate from the heart and break through our boundaries. Amazonite helps balance the emotions and gives physical stamina.

Physical Properties:


Amazonite Birthstone

light green to blue-green
6 - 6.5
Specific Gravity
2.56 - 2.58
refractive index
1.522 - 1.530

Sign of Amazonite:Capricorn

Amazonite:stone of courage


Amazonite is a stone that was used extensively by the Egyptians and is said to be named after the Amazon women warriors. There is some archaeological evidence that suggests the Amazonians were a matriarchal society during the Bronze Age. The Brazilian legend holds that the people of the Amazon region gave green stones to the men who visited them.


Amazonite is found in the United States, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Russia, Australia, Namibia, Madagascar.

If you want to go wild with creativity, mix assorted Coral bead strands with this stone.