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Agrellite is an extremely effective stone for bringing hidden matters to the surface, including things repressed deep within your psyche that block soul growth. It helps you to face your own inner saboteur and to access untapped potential. Agrellite shows where you have been controlling others and encourages self-respect and independence.

This stone detects blockages within the physical body or aura with a distinctive energetic response, although other crystals may be required to heal the condition. Agrellite enhances distance healing and makes a patient more receptive to radionic treatment.


Endocrine system, glands, heart, lungs, throat.(a fluosilicate of sodium and calcium) forms 100 percent of an extremely unusual, coarse-grained rock from the Kipawa mineral locality in Quebec, Canada. The agrellite takes the form of curved prisms with pearly to subvitreous lustre, white with a pale brownish hue. It encloses a coarse crystal of wine-red eudialyte. Agrellite was first described at Kipawa, its type locality.This Agrellite crystal is mainly used for healing psychological traumas and blocks within the soul. Combined with other powerful healing stones, Agrellite crystals have been known to defend specifically powerful negative energies.

Physical Properties:



Crystal System
NaCa2 (Si4O1O) F
Third Eye

Sign of Agrellite:   Aquarius

Element :  Earth

Planet : Jupiter, Neptune

Color : Pale peach color.


Addictions, anorexia, emotional or mental dependency, bipolar disorders, nightmares, stress, obsessive thoughts, despondency, emotional lability, digestion, muscle relaxation, allergies, anger, depression, immune system, restructuring DNA, generation of negative irons, exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, nerve pain, sciatica, neuralgia, joint problems, detoxification of skin and connective tissue, menopause, illnesses caused by sick-building Syndrome, computer stress, repetitive strain injury and tendonitis can be cured using this mineral Agrellite. It is a stone that can take you back to first principles.


Kipawa Complex, Villedieu, Quebec, Canada.


Agrellite was named in honor of Stuart Argrill, a Geologist from the University of Cambridge. It was found in Kipawa, complex in Quebec Canada. It reacts to UV light, and when under mid range ultra violet light, it glows a florescent pink light.