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Overview:Abalone, a member of the sea shell family is also known as the "ear shell". Abalones are members of a large class of mollusks that have one-piece shells. These shells have a dichroic, tortoise-like appearance. Abalone is the popular name in the United States for a univalve gastropod mollusk of the genus Haliotis.

Usage: Abalone benefits the heart and helps digestion. It strengthens muscular tissue, especially the heart and is also a

strong anti-carcinogenic. It is often used as a container for spirit offerings or smudging. It aligns the etheric body and balances the

feminine qualities. It is said to bestow tranquility, abundance and spirit.They are especially useful to counterbalance overly dynamic energies due to their watery nature.

Physical Properties:



Green,black, white,brown.
3 - 4
Specific Gravity
2.60 - 2.78
refractive index
1.52 - 1.56


Ablaone s hells are used from everything from the

inexpensive puka necklaces to the mother of pearl inlays on fairly expensive jewelry used today.

Abalone are the most primitive group of molluscs, and they have changed little since their ancestors first originated during the Cambrian period.

Occurance: Abalones are found in North America, Asia and Australia.

Sign of Abalone:Cancer