1. Who is behind www.findyourfate.com?

Findyourfate.com is handled by knowledgeable astrologers who have immense experience in their respective fields like astrology, numerology, palmistry, gemology and nadi readings. Where ever expertise is required the renowned astrologers are called for to render the services. With one thing in mind-to meet customer requirements and satisfy their needs.

2. Who is Nimmi?

Nimmi is well-known among international celebrities and has more than 22+ years of experience. She writes articles and blogs based upon planetary movements and scientific principles and is the chief editor of Findyourfate.com.

3. What is the fees for the services by Findyourfate.com?

There are various services both free and premium. For premium services starting from Natal chart reading to Nadi astrology reading the fee ranges from 10US$ to 125US$ depending on the services availed.

4. How do I contact Findyourfate.com?

You can make calls for services already rendered and for clarification through Whatsapp at +91 9843090817. You can also email at [email protected]. Please do not call at this number, as we do not provide services through calls.

5. Why should you take our services?

Our astrologers answers to the deepest questions of life and help in solving all the issues of life. Our astrologers are most famous globally and their predictions have won millions of followers.

6. What sort of content do you provide?

We provide online services like Casting Birth chart, Baby name consultation, Palmistry, Nadi astrology, Vastu shastra, and much more. We also sell products like rare Gemstones.

7. Where will you find the right solution to the problems of life?

Our famous astrologers will provide the right and accurate solution to all your problems. And all data will be backed by planetary movements and scientific calculation only.

8. Will my personal details be secure or confidential?

Definitely, yes. Your identity is 100% safe and confidential with us. Findyourfate.com is committed to ensuring that your personal details are secure and never shared with anyone.

9. Are there any benefits of consulting an astrologer over the phone?

No, our services don't give the desired results over phone. All our services need time to prepare manually (usually takes 1 to 7 days’ time depending on the service availed).

You can connect with us from anywhere in the globe and get the solution to your problem.

10. Can astrologers make accurate predictions?

The predictions given by our expert astrologers are based on your individual birth chart and your personality. Thus, they are highly reliable and accurate.

11. Which astrologer is best for me?

There are many expert astrologers who give astrology services. But for some specific problems, it is advisable to consult us through Findyourfate.com to get proper guidance and solutions.

12. What are the free services on Findyourfate.com?

Findyourfate.com provides accurate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes for free and provides birthday horoscopes since 2000.

13. How do I know which astrologer is best for me?

All the predictions made by us have been proved correct. All astrologers in our panel have great astrological skills got from their ancestors through scientific studies.

14. How is product delivery done?

We deliver products across the world. It takes four to ten working days for the products to get delivered.

15. How are the Services delivery done?

All our services rendered are done through email only. We strictly send reports through email as per the order made to us online.

16. Who can provide the best online astrology consultation services?

Findyourfate.com provides online astrology consultation services all over the world.

17. Who are the best and famous astrologers in the world?

Findyourfate.com astrologers provide reports as per western astrology and Vedic astrology thereby making all ends meet.

18. Does astrologers at Findyourfate.com give accurate astrology reports across the world?

Yes, our astrologers provide accurate predictions and astrological problem reports all over the world. They are known for detailed astrological predictions on career, health, love, finance, and business from scientific approach.

19. Which astrology remedies do you provide online?

We provide all astrology services online. The list of services can be seen in this Services page.

20. Why should I consult Findyourfate Team?

We have an experience of more than 22 years in this field with a highly qualified team of Astrologers.

21. Are your services expensive?

No, our astrology consultation and all services are budget-friendly, and you will never regret it after connecting to us.

22. Is it possible to get a response soon?

You will get answers to your questions, remedial suggestions, and astrology predictions in one to seven days depending on the services you have opted for.

23. Can I get free horoscopes to my email daily?

You need to opt in for email services in your profile and then if you opt for horoscope subscription, Daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes will be sent to your email address. We will not send any other emails to the registered email ID other than your Birthday Wish.

24. Is you Model services genuine and safe?

We have created a platform for anyone to showcase their Model profile online. Any potential ad. Agency might approach you if they like your profile and credentials. We do not sell your model photos or data to anyone else other than those who specifically request by making payment.

25. Does your Matrimonial services give desired results?

We provide a platform for you to register your profile, thereby a larger database can generate enough searches of matching profiles. It’s purely up to you to shortlist any profile. We do not do any background check of registered profiles. FAQ on matrimonial can be seen here.