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death  Death - Great People who died on October 21 death flowers

Death of people happened same date but next month. Celebrities are mortals like us. They too have to face death like us.

They have to pass through the same sad route of death.

They have contributed much for our society in the fields of politics, science, literature, peace, arts, etc.

As a humble gesture we are honoring them by presenting this list of celebrity deaths.

  Jerome Bert Weisner
 military scientist/disarmer
  Tara Correa-McMullen
 American actress
 Edmund Waller
 English writer
 Francois Truffaut
 French director
 Fred Berry
 American actor
 Horatio Nelson
 English commander
 Jack Kerouac
 US writer
 John T Scopes
 US teacher
 Loki Schmidt
 German Environmentalist
 Pietro Aretino
 Italian writer
 Ricky Wilson
 Samuel Foote
 English actor

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