Teen Compatibility

Learn all about a teenager and their compatibility issues. This section gives you the low down on all the teen star signs and explain the characteristics and needs of each so you can shed light on which astrological influences impact your teen's life.

Teen life is ever-changing. Get a better perspective of how each teenager behaves based on his or her zodiac sign. A teen's life is packed with much drama and action. They might be rebellious at one time and might seek emancipation the next minute. Here's a better perspective of the different types of teens and their traits.

Aries Aries teens are loaded with high aggressive energy as always. However they are not very explosive as the older Aries. They are very confident in their academic and professional works. But then they lack this confidence when it comes to love and relationships. They are very fragile to handle and can blow up when cornered. They have a well-developed ego as well. They are very fast and quick to handle love issues once they are into it. They are not that selfish as an older Aries person and are quite naive too. With frequent hurts they mature and understand life. They have a sense of generosity with them unlike the general characteristics of an Aries grown-up person.

Taurus A Taurus teen is very impulsive and reckless than an older Taurus person. But then they yearn for stability and security in their relationships. They are not calm and patient though in their youth. Most natives are found to be too stubborn to handle and have their own way. With age however they tend to adapt to the climate around and lose their stubborn nature. They have a clear-cut goal and ambition in life. They know what they want and what they do not want out of life.

Gemini Gemini teens take time to mature in life. This being though they are a mutable sign. They stay young right from their teens to middle age and are youthful in heart and soul. Though they are bad in handling situations, as they grow they tend to pick up the threads. They have good morals though. In spite of their ambitions and interests changing through the days they remain young even though they mature in age.

Cancer Cancer teens though seem to be good, kind of have a rebellious nature on the inside. Though family and its ties are in their heart, they do not tend to show it on the outside. Despite their having a private side they make sure that they pay enough attention to home and its needs. Cancer teens generally go through an identity crisis as there is a clash of their ideals and the ideals of their family. But then as they age they come to terms with their own unique Cancer identity.

Leo Leo teens have a confident exterior which they use to hide their inner feelings. However they are found to be totally insecure in life. There would be a constant upheaval over how to showcase their creativity and how to get into limelight. They have a burning passion to lead others. Leo teens slowly learn to get over their insecure feelings. With growth they gradually develop their confidence level and leadership skills. They also discover a lot about their own self in the course of their teens.

Virgo Virgos are more analytical, critical and quite judgmental in their teens. They lack tolerance and understanding of things around them. Virgo teens however have good discerning nature. They have a distance when it comes to forging love and romantic relationships. They have loads of inner energy, however they are more than satisfied with routine works and stability in life. Controlling their vent up feelings and energy levels would be a great task for Virgo teens.

Libra Libra teens are usually found to be quite unbalanced in life. However they yearn to fit in and want to have a balanced approach which actually makes them out of tune with the world around them. There would be an identity crisis in their teens too. But then as they grow older they mature and perform well in professional and personal life. They would be able to find good balance, their freedom and harmony as well then.

Scorpio Scorpio teens are not much fond of the darker side of life when young. However they are fascinated by it. With age, their curiosity over this topic increases. They have lot of drama associated with them. Scorpio teens are found to be manipulative, jealous and have a magnetism that attracts others. They also slowly get being passionate about the one thing they yearn in life. They get around easily in love relationships though. However they learn a lot about how to deal with love, romance, feelings and emotions in this age which would prove helpful in the days to come.

Sagittarius Sagittarius teens are generally well-used up. However they are quite adventurous and very giving in nature. With age they become more confident and vocal rather than the clumsy child they were years earlier. Sagittarius teens are also quite reckless and naive. They observe things going on around them and pick up the threads. With age however they learn a lot and become a bit easier with life.

Capricorn Capricorn teens are found to be quite witty for others however they are quite serious on the inside. They do well in academics and are found to be a bit withdrawn. With age they start experimenting with emotions and relationships. Capricorn teens naturally have a bent towards the darker side of life. They gradually learn to be a workaholic. They also get to know the lighter side of life as well. Capricorn teens are usually over-achievers. They find all ways and means to succeed in their life and make their ambitions work.

Aquarius Aquarius teens are quirky as their older counterparts. However they are found to be quite involved unlike their older versions who seem to be a bit detached from others. They find it a little difficult to forge romantic relationships as they are quite elusive. Also they hesitate when it comes to partying or protesting. But then they have a close relationship with their inner circle members. They hide their feelings and secrets though they are found to be sharing. They are stubborn in nature and quite stable in life. Aquarius teens are aggressive but are not much critical or analytical in nature.

Pisces Pisces teens are generally clumsy in nature and very playful and not serious enough with life. With age they understand life and how to face the world. Pisces teens hide their emotions and this might play havoc with their personal relationships. Pisces teens are not much sensitive like their elder versions though they have it in-built. They are very sympathetic and can be easily walked upon. They have a soft corner which makes them quite vulnerable though. Some are found to be very pious and artistic in nature. They can be manipulated easily.