Teachers Compatibility

This section will help you to understand your teachers better and their specific traits based on their Zodiac signs. The zodiac signs as teachers. Getting to know your teacher, learning about their strengths and weaknesses, can help ensure that you perform well.

Student-teacher compatibility has been on the downslide in recent days thanks to modern development.

Aries Aries natives make good coaches rather than teachers. They are good in guiding people in sport and adventure. As a teacher of academics they are found to be very strict and intense in discipline. They are easy-going and love to induce fun in teaching. However they are found to be impatient to their students at times.

Taurus Taurus teachers are very disciplined and want their wards to be so too. They want their students to fill their minds with lots of knowledge and ideas. They are patient and quite stable in nature. Though their teachings would be boring sometimes they come up with creative projects. Taurus teachers do not spoil their students.

Gemini Gemini natives make good teachers because they are excellent in communication skills. They are good in getting their points across the board. They equal the energy level of their wards. They encourage lots of reading, talking and debating among their students.

Cancer Cancers make good teachers as they are very understanding, good in handling children and quite patient in nature too. They inculcate creative learning habits for their wards. They can easily get down to the level of their students to get their points across.

Leo Leo people are good teachers and they are highly obsessed with their wards getting good grades. They want their students to be highly attentive and go crazy when they are not. They can be quite playful and easy-going with their wards and at the same time know when to take the rod. They are good in practical demonstrations of subjects and have their favorite students too.

Virgo Virgos are good teachers who still follow age-old teaching methods. They are adept in handling grammar and language papers. They require their wards to take notes, give lectures, attend workshops and the like. Virgo teachers are usually very patient and tolerant of their wards. But then they become too nervous at times when the students misbehave.

Libra Libra teachers are one of the nicest among the teaching community. They love their students and play a level-head when dealing with them. They are particularly good in handling art and music-related papers. They have unique project ideas which would be a great hit among their wards.

Scorpio Scorpios are very passionate teachers. Though they are dreadful to their wards they are successful teachers. They like their wards to think out of the box and work aggressively. But then Scorpio natives make better sports coaches rather than teachers of academics as they are bent more on strict and harsh work schedules.

Sagittarius SSagittarius natives are not the serious kind of teacher. They are found to be funny by their wards as they crack jokes often. Their classes seem to be very light but full of energy. But they know the tactics to bring their children to order. They are great teachers of philosophy, spirituality and humanities.

Capricorn Capricorns make very strict teachers. They are very serious and students cannot just escape their glance and tough stance. They give challenges in the class and tell their wards that the paper would be very tough though it might not be. They love to test the ability of their students and are ready to help when they pop up questions.

Aquarius Aquarius teachers behave very strangely and are eccentric in nature. Though they are forgetful, they bring about very impressive projects for their wards to pursue. They like to take their students for outdoor activities and are more bent on practical studies rather than bookish ones. They try their best to make a difference among their students.

Pisces A Pisces teacher is one who tries to understand his students better. They encourage their wards and give them good grades when they perform well. Also they give a pat for the under-performers as well. They can be confided with personal issues too and they let out theirs as well. They also have their favorite and worst student of the class.