Siblings Compatibility

Siblings can be each other s best friend or worst enemy. Learn more about the astrological compatibility of siblings. Find out if your sibling will be a life long friend or bitter enemy with sibling horoscope compatibility.

Does your sibling bully you or tend to share secrets? Find out how much compatible you are with your sibling according to their zodiac sign.

Sibling rivalry is a very commonly used term; a term that defines our love-hate relationship we share with our siblings.But then sibling relationship is a powerful bond that influences our adult relationships too. Astrologically, what are the traits associated with brothers and sisters of various sun signs holds the key to happiness at home. What kind of a relationship do you share with your siblings? Find out how compatible you are with your sibling and enjoy better relationship with them..

Aries Having an Aries as a sibling is perhaps a tough life for most people. This is because they are just about competitive and aggressive about anything and everything around. They wrestle with you for the good stuff at home. They tease you about your studies or about your friends. They take you for granted but then they have a soft care for you on the inside. They have the idea that they possess the best in everything even if you are at the top rung.

Taurus A Taurus sibling is usually a lazy fellow who loves to sleep in all day long. He or she is a couch potato who does not care to do household chores. They hate fighting and are not quite competitive as well. However they are too possessive of their parents and want their undivided attention. They need parents who are very loving and supportive of them, else they lose heart. But with time they mature and can be a good confidant. They help you out when you are in personal or financial distress. They are good in advising and pampering their siblings.

Gemini A Gemini sibling is just fun to have as they have a good sense of humor and they are good in communication skills. However they are known to easily trick their siblings. They are social and bring home lots of friends. Some of them are known to make a huge fuss over nothing. But then as they grow older they are good in guiding their siblings. They would have a good frank talk with you and are also fun to move around with.

Cancer A Cancer sibling is very sensitive and emotional and loves to get the attention of their parents always. They need to be pampered and cared frequently. A Cancer sibling would be quite bossy to the other kids at home. But then they take good care of them and get along with them well in course of time. As they grow older, they give expert opinion and advise to their siblings. They are also the one to lend their shoulders when in trouble.

LeoLeo siblings look for ways to show off their skills and resources. They boss around with their other siblings. They are highly competitive with their siblings and try to get the good confidence of their parents. They are not much helpful to their siblings though. However with time they are good in giving advice and motivating their siblings to do better in life. They like to show off in social gatherings of friends and family.

Virgo A Virgo sibling might be good or bad depending on the circumstances around. They gel with you much when they are good and bad-mouth when not in good mood. They are not one to fight with you over silly things. But then they are first to criticize and analyze your every move. As they grow older, they are more concerned about their siblings and their general well-being. They care for you when you are in need of trouble. They make sure that you are in good health and cheer.

Libra Libra siblings would find out reasons to argue and debate almost anything under the Sun with their siblings. They are known to take liberty over their siblings. They are not that competitive but when provoked would go to any extreme. They also get annoyed easily by the reckless behaviors of their fellow wards. But then as they grow older they would have good ties with their siblings and would be grateful to have you in your life. They are known to host frequent parties and social gatherings as well.

Scorpio Scorpios make very moody but secretive siblings. They love you to the core one minute and would bark on you next. But then they are very protective of their siblings. Older Scorpio siblings are known to peek into the personal lives of their younger ones. The younger ones generally torment their elder siblings in the family. But overall Scorpio siblings are reliable to have in life and would support you when you are in dire need of personal or professional help. They walk the extra mile with you.

Sagittarius A Sagittarius person makes a good sibling, they are fun to have with. They however do not hold onto their promises. They love to travel and have adventure with you. They are straightforward and do not mind talking to you directly on the face. They are very open and quite hurtful at times. Though they are very optimistic they seem irresponsible at times. Not very arguing too. But be sure to bail them out as they are known to jump to irresponsible decisions in their lives often.

Capricorn Capricorn siblings are found to have double-standards in their relationship with you. They make use of your resources and also make you work for them without your knowing it. But then they are very responsible and take good care of you when there are no elders around. They are known to lead lavish lifestyles as well and might ask for your purse as well at times. However as they grow older they become very responsible with the family matters. They have a back-up plan for everything and are known to organize things well.

Aquarius Aquarius siblings are very temperamental. They are known to play jokes on you at times. They do not get into fights with you easily, but when into one make sure that they pay you back eye for eye. They are quite forgetful as well. As they grow older they drift away from siblings and into their own family and its affairs. However they make sure that they stick to their family by participating in family get-togethers and the like.

Pisces Pisces guys make good siblings as they understand you better. They are very sensitive and emotional though. They would get on well with you one minute and would turn up as your opposition the next. Though they seem not be competitive, they have it deep inside them. Make sure that you do not hurt them, if so be prepared to handle their tantrums. They just go crazy and haywire. As they grow older, they become moree responsible and mature and would pitch in when you are in trouble.