Roommates Compatibility

Are you in compatible relationship with your roommates? Start by learning to happily co-exist with your roommate or find one you're naturally compatible with by knowing his or her horoscope sign and their relevant traits and characters.

Each of us have at least one story about living with a horrible roommate some time in our life. Every zodiac sign has its own little quirks and oddball habits, when they happen to be your roommate.

Do the stars think your roommate is a nightmare to live with? A roommate that you can enjoy hanging out with, not just tolerate, is such a gift. Read on...

Aries An Aries person as a roommate would be very helpful to you. They are highly dependable and responsible too. But then they would be too busy with own works that they rarely show up. On the flip side they demand their own private space and time and could be a bit bossy too.

Taurus Having a Taurus person as a roommate would be very peaceful. They interact well with you and help you to balance life. They make sure that there are no fights and rifts around. However they can be found to be a bit stubborn in nature, are territorial and might withdraw at times.

Gemini A Gemini native as a roommate would be fun to have. This is because they talk to you all day long and remove boredom. They are quite supportive and fix conflicts easily. However they are not good in housekeeping. Some of them are known to make a huge fuss over nothing.

Cancer Cancer natives as roommates take up all the responsibilities of the household. They are good in cooking, cleaning and organizing. They cheer you up when you are down. But then they turn moody at times and quite sensitive to hurting remarks. They are at times aggressive too.

Leo Leo guys are very generous roommates and they make good friends for life. They are quite responsible and love to do chores for the other members of the household. But they are quite dominating in nature and hate when things do not go the way they intend to.

Virgo A Virgo roommate makes sure that the household is very clean and things are quite organized. They are good in resolving conflicts as well. However they are over critical of others which might mar peace. Also they are nagging and obsessively clean-freaks which might not get well with the others around.

Libra Libra guys are easygoing personalities when they are your roommates. They make the household a good place to relax and have fun. But then they are not known to solve conflicts easily. Their diplomatic nature sometimes mis-fires too.

Scorpio Scorpios as roommates make good company. They love to talk the night away. They are interesting to live with too. Are fun to share adventure with. But at times they lose their temper and also great in poking into one's private affairs.

Sagittarius Sagittarius roommates are generally very social to their fellow mates. They are highly adjusting and need just their individual freedom and space. However they hate being too clingy. But then some Sagittarius fellows are found to be irresponsible at times, they are also not good in sharing financial resources and bills.

Capricorn Capricorn roommates are good in organizing things and managing resources of the household. They are good hosts as well. But then they need their own private space and time and some Capricorn guys are found to mishandle joint finances.

Aquarius An Aquarius roommate is a social guy but he also demands his individual freedom of space and privacy. They hate when others poke their noses into their personal matters though. Their unconventional way of living might irk fellow roommates. Some have a harsh behavior, is cold and stubborn at times.

Pisces Pisces roommates are good to live with as they are helpful and always nice to their fellows. They are good in adjusting their mode of living for others. However at times they become too moody and withdrawn. Also they might be either clean freaks or just the opposite.