Parents Compatibility

Great parenting is all about how the parents work together with their children on a compatible level. Learn more about the different parents' astrological compatibility, including advice for successful parenting.

Parent -child relationship, on the compatibility level is based according to the zodiac signs.

Like in any other relationship, a parent's zodiac compatibility with their child also holds a great significance. If your zodiac is a poor match with your child then all hell breaks loose at home..

Parenting can be a challenge for anyone, regardless of astrological sign, but have you ever wondered why some parents seem to have it easier ..

Aries Parents Aries parents are good at nurturing the independent nature of their children. They instil a sense of confidence in their children and boost their general morale. But then at times, they are found to be too selfish with their own lives that children might be put in the backburner.

Taurus Parents A Taurus native as a parent would be well-organized and good in upbringing their children. They are very possessive and too controlling too. However they make sure that their children get the best experiences in life.

Gemini Parents Gemini parents enjoy good communication with their children, they have intellectual talks with their wards. They play with them and want them to be independent in their lives. Sometimes they are quite manipulative though.

Cancer Parents A Cancer parents is very nurturing, and is emotionally bonded to his or her child. They love them and comfort them by all means. But their over-protection might smother them at times.

Leo Parents Leo parents are usually very warm and affectionate to their children. They set good examples for their wards to follow. However at times their demands on their kids would be just too much.

Virgo Parents A Virgo parent is usually very caring and sharing to his or her children. They make sure that their children lead a healthy and safe life. But their nit-picking and too much of critical thinking does not go well with their kids.

Libra Parents Libra parents teach their children to lead a very well-balanced and harmonious life. They give the best to their children and admire them on their achievements in life. Some Libra parents are however found to be selfish.

Scorpio Parents A Scorpio parent is very passionate and helps his or her child to learn a lot in life. They help them to discover more about the world around. Some Scorpio parents are however found to be too controlling and dominating.

Sagittarius Parents Sagittarius parents love to share adventure with their children. They give them their due sense of freedom and have fun together with them. But some Sagittarius parents are too busy with their own lives and at times they fail to discipline their children as well.

Capricorn Parents A Capricorn parent would teach their children to be more organized and consistent in life. They set a boundary and give them their personal space as well. They are also found to be quite authoritative, demanding and controlling at times.

Aquarius Parents Aquarius parents are unconventional and give lots of freedom to their wards. They give clear-cut boundaries for their children. But they are found to be quite inconsistent in handling their children.

Pisces Parents A Pisces parent is very loving, caring, sensitive and emotionally bonded to his or her children. But they do not have any boundaries with their children which make their children to drift apart in life.