Family Compatibility

Compatibility within a family is very important as it is the corner stone of the family dynamics. For a family tradition, habits and togetherness are very important to keep going. This section will give you insight as to why certain zodiac signs in your family are better ,where the zodiac families click and clash. Find out how each zodiac family relate to each other and strive for compatible relationship.

Apart from individual signs and planet placements, the overall zodiac signs play a significant role in family dynamics. There might be an overbearing sister, a picky mother or that sibling who always succeeds in getting you on the wrong foot. Getting to know the family at least on an astrological level, will breed the tolerance needed to navigate problems.

Aries Family Aries learn to be independent in life much earlier and are not much associated with their family. However they make sure that they are in constant contact with their family. They are very sincere to their family members but there would be no outward expression of the same. Though there would be constant fights with their siblings, they do not hold grudges for long.

Taurus Family For a Taurus native, family is the most important thing in life. They are driven by values and traditions. They are very loyal and protective of their family and its members. They have a good connection with their siblings, however when things go wrong they sever connections and become cold.

Gemini Family Family is very important for a Gemini as well. They are more in tune with their siblings than their parents. They make good friends for life with their family members. But then they hate taking family responsibilities into their hands. Sometimes their talks might fuel internal feuds of sorts.

Cancer Family Family and values are the number one priority for a Cancer person. They are very emotionally and sentimentally attached to their family members. They smooth out any conflicts that arise in the family. They look after their family responsibly. They have a motherly instinct and nurture their family in proper spirits.

Leo Family For Leos, family is their pride and joy. They are very defensive of their family and stick to it, come what may in life. They are very generous towards their family and share their resources impartially.

Virgo Family Virgos are very dedicated to their family. They like to take care of their family when in need. But they are not good in showing their love or affection. Deeds rather than words work for them. They are not much good with their siblings as they hurt each other easily.

Libra Family Libras usually like to have a good time with their family but in general lack the warmth. They look for guidance from family members. They stand up to their siblings for moral support.

Scorpio Family Scorpios are very committed to their family. They form a close-knit relationship with their family and family life is serious stuff for them. They solve conflicts between family members amicably but hold grudges for long.

Sagittarius Family For a Sagittarius, family is fun and adventure together. They are highly optimistic and have a good moral backing. They are quite independent but are close to their siblings and parents. Would also take close friends as family.

Capricorn Family Capricorns are very much involved with their family and they mean values and traditions in relationships. They show their love through deeds and not through words. They are good in managing family resources.

Aquarius Family Aquarius natives are not much close to their family members. However they expect commitment and affection from family members. They like to stay aloof. For them close friends are more than a family.

Pisces Family Pisces value and love their family very much. They maintain an open communication with their family. They are dedicated and form close bonds with siblings and near ones. Would sacrifice anything for family.