Baby Compatibility

Are you really compatible with your baby's zodiac sign? Your relationship with your child is based on your Zodiac compatibility with him or her. One of the best feelings in the world is holding your baby for the first time, and the next to best feeling is when you realize, you both will share a bond till the end. But, things change with time and so do a parent-baby bond.

Like in any other relationship, a baby's zodiac compatibility with the parent also holds a great significance. If your zodiac is a poor match with your babys, then be ready to witness extreme friction in your bond, also you both will suffer through lack of mutual respect and love for each other. Here's a look at the personality and compatibility characteristics of the babies born under the different zodiac signs.

Aries Babies Aries as a baby would be a very active person. They hate eating food and going to sleep. They are always found to be bouncing around with much energy. They do not like to share their things, dominate their peers, are quite competitive and throw frequent temper tantrums around.

Taurus Babies Taurus- When your baby happens to be a Taurus, then he or she would be quite calm and happy. They are down-to-earth and do not make greedy calls. However they are cautious of new people in their vicinity. They need a loving parent or guardian to feel safe. They are good in exploring things.

Gemini Babies Gemini- Gemini as a baby would be a curious little fellow with lots of energy. He or she would be always found smiling and bouncing around. They hate to sleep. They are quite talkative and are found to learn new languages in a jiffy.

Cancer Babies Cancer- Cancer babies are not generally always found smiling and bubbling with energy, but then they are very quiet. They hate strangers and are very lovable. They remain calm in a happy environment.

Leo Babies Leo- The Leo babies are usually loud and like to grab a lot of attention. They like to express themselves frequently to others around. They seem to dominate the scene at an young age itself. They are brave and get into trouble often.

Virgo Babies Virgo- Virgo babies stick to daily routines and are not grumpy. They like to eat and sleep almost at the same time every day. They seek details in everything around and are found to be highly organized with their toys.

Libra Babies Libra- Libra as a baby would always be smiling around. They are very social and balance their actions wonderfully. They like to play with other kids and music just enthralls and soothes them.

Scorpio Babies Scorpio- Is your baby a Scorpio? Then he or she would be very quiet and unpredictable at times. They seem to be very repulsive when provoked. They are highly sensitive to events around and like to observe things around them inquisitively.

Sagittarius Babies Sagittarius- Sagittarius babies are the most accident-prone of all the babies. They have a lot of energy and need to be restrained at times. They are always restless and like the outdoor. They laugh, have fun and are not afraid of anything easily.

Capricorn Babies Capricorn- They are neither happy nor are found to be sad. They learn things the easy way and sleep a lot. They are found to throw temper-tantrums every now and then to get things done.

Aquarius Babies Aquarius- They do not crave for affection and attention. They observe a lot and cry only when they are upset with something. They are not consistent and are curious about things around.

Pisces Babies Pisces-Pisces babies are the most attention-craving of all the zodiac signs. They are highly expressive of their emotions. They get the attention of others easily. They like to play and explore a lot. This infant will find ways to always get your attention and you might notice a creative spark when they play and explore.