These relations are full of complexities and presents a multitude of possibilities. Some compatibility will be found in mutual appreciation, religion, mysticism, travels, charitable causes or other lofty ideas. Pisces's vivid imagination probably will conjure up the worst picture when Sagittarius feels the need to be independent.
In spite of his good qualities, a Sagittarius lacks the softness and tender loving care essential for Pisces. The Pisces tendency to be indecisive, impractical and disorganized may exasperate Sagittarius who is basically active, impulsive and positive and likes to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Pisces-Sagittarius Compatibility

The sensitive sign of Pisces is ruled by two planets- Neptune and Jupiter, who also rules Sagittarius. So if the fish is swimming in the clearer waters of Jupiter and not the cloudy ones of Neptune, love could find a way. But even so they must both be caring, considerate and thoughtful folk who are able to be honest with each other. They'll be able to talk about all sorts of scintillating subjects and their relationship will be a meeting of minds. The Sagittarius need for emotion is light years away from that of the Pisces. There could be a delightful delicacy of feeling from the fish and an incredible indelicacy from the archer, which won't do either of them any good at all. The Sagittarius's get-up-and-go is in complete contrast to the Pisces need for someone who's imbued with understanding and a nicely nurturing nature. Another problem is that because they're both mutable signs, they could conduct an extremely in- consistent affair.

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