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Pisces- Pisces Compatibility

In this relationship feelings, emotions, intuition, daydreams are in the fore and take precedence over logical and rational analysis. Each has his own private and secret world. Both can become muddled, disorganized, indecisive and in a dither, so there will be periods when time is wasted and confusion reigns in practical matters .Because they are so emotional and sentimental they cry when happy or sad.It'll be a magnificently mystical match if they're both budding baronets or braques and want to take the world by storm.

Pisces-Pisces Compatibility
You must always remember the Pisces penchant for martyrdom, which is never far from the surface. If one of this twosome is a weak water baby, the stronger one will turn into a nursemaid who fetches and carries and leads their partner through life by the hand. Emotionally it may be all they've ever wanted, but they do need something solid in their lives to hold them together.

Pisces Man & Pisces Woman Compatibility
Pisces Woman & Pisces Man Compatibility

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