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Scorpios are best paired with fellow water signs or alternatively their complimentary earth signs in a love match.

They are adaptive, emotionally driven and are highly intuitive in love. Scorpios match ideally with the other water signs and can be compatible with the earth signs. They have difficulty understanding the air signs and clash head-on with the fiery signs.

Scorpio with Aries

There is mutual love and respect between them. There would be lots of transparency and passion involved too.

Scorpio with Taurus

Though being opposite signs there would be a love-hate angle for the match. However turbulent times are found here.

Scorpio with Gemini

There would be trouble in this relationship as Gemini is mysterious and Scorpio hates secrets. Mutual trust eludes this duo.

Scorpio with Cancer

This is a combination where devotion is the key. Love, passion, sharing and caring bonds them together for life.

Scorpio with Leo

Both are very passionate and intense in their relationship. But there might be occasional power struggles.

Scorpio with Virgo

They enjoy a deep connection with a strong foundation which would be elusive for a third person.

Scorpio with Libra

This duo better stay as friends than as lovers. They need to oversee each others negatives to match in love affairs.

Scorpio with Scorpio

This is a great combination in love. If they have common goals and ambitions , then this would be heaven.

Scorpio with Sagittarius

There is much passion in this combination, but periodic challenges arise. Mutual compromise can work wonders.

Scorpio with Capricorn

This would be a great match if the duo plan to work together. Need to get rid of trying to control the other though.

Scorpio with Aquarius

As both are very powerful signs, occasional differences arise in this relationship. Opinions need to be compromised for goodness.

Scorpio with Pisces

These watery signs have a great attraction between them. There would be lots of love and passion involved between them.

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