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When it comes to love match, Leo is best matched with fellow fire signs or alternatively the air signs as they share many of their natural sensibilities and outlook on life in general.

Leos best love matches happen to be the other fire signs of Aries and Sagittarius. Though there might be some power struggles here, they can handle it enjoying the passion and energy together. The air sign of Aquarius is also an excellent match being the opposite sign of Leo.

Leo with Aries

These two being fiery signs get along well with each other. There would be much synchronisation here and they just understand each other well.

Leo with Taurus

They are a good love match provided they decide on who is going to lead the race.

Leo with Gemini

These two are complementary signs. Gemini prefers the backstage while Leo yearns for the limelight. If they support each other then this duo can prove good.

Leo with Cancer

Leo likes to boss around while Cancer likes to have the last say. Compromise can overcome any challenges with this duo.

Leo with Leo

Both are selfish, however if a strong foundation is laid then they would be there for each other till the end.

Leo with Virgo

This is a difficult combination as Leo likes to dominate and Virgo hates being ruled over. But then both appreciate intellect and creativity.

Leo with Libra

Together they make a perfect love match. They take care of each other and hog the social scene hand-in-hand.

Leo with Scorpio

Both are very passionate and intense in their relationship. But there might be occasional power struggles.

Leo with Sagittarius

These two fiery signs are a good match as they understand each other well. They are competitive but lots of love would be involved.

Leo with Capricorn

Both like to dominate and friction rises here. If their ambitions are aligned well, then there would be goodness.

Leo with Aquarius

Though being opposite signs they form a good love match. However Aquarius tries to bring down the king of the zodiac.

Leo with Pisces

This would be a great combination if the duo are committed to love, romance and mutual respect.