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When it comes to love match, Gemini gets along well with their fellow air signs and also the energetic fire signs where they share their vitality and zeal for life.

As an air sign Geminis are supremely rational which when it comes to love and relationship has its ups and downs. On the positive side they do not easily plunge into emotional depths in a love relationship, and they are quite resilient here. On the negative side it must be said that they are quite impulsive.

Gemini with Aries

Aries is practical while Gemini thinks a lot. Only mutual love and respect can take them far in life.

Gemini with Taurus

Taurus looks for stability while Gemini is an extrovert who likes to flirt. There would be no attraction involved here.

Gemini with Gemini

There would be lots of fun in this combination. The twins keep each other actively engaged for life.

Gemini with Cancer

Life's lessons and values are different for both of them. However if both are committed then they can travel together.

Gemini with Leo

These two are complementary signs. Gemini prefers the backstage while Leo yearns for the limelight. If they support each other then this duo can prove good.

Gemini with Virgo

Intellect binds these two. Gemini is a flirt and social while Virgo needs commitment and this might mar the relationship.

Gemini with Libra

They make a good match as they are airy signs. They work to bring about harmony in the relationship.

Gemini with Scorpio

There would be trouble in this relationship as Gemini is mysterious and Scorpio hates secrets. Mutual trust eludes this duo.

Gemini with Sagittarius

Together they make a great combination. Intellectual talks, freedom and privacy just binds them.

Gemini with Capricorn

Though the energy-levels are different with the Gemini being cool and Capricorn being busy, common interests attract them.

Gemini with Aquarius

There is great alignment here as both are airy signs. This is a great love connection that lasts long.

Gemini with Pisces

Both are bound by intellectual ideals. If there is compromise then they can travel together.

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