A Leo man and a Pisces woman have better compatibility living together. The Leo male would be the boss while the Pisces girl knows how to handle and harness him. He is an extrovert and she an introvert and this might lead to occasional hindrances on the relationship. But the pair would be loaded with lots of love and romance.Though practical affairs in the relationship might get a beating their romance keeps them together for long.
Leo Man-Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Leo-Pisces Couples

• David Duchovny and Tea Leoni

• Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor

• Peter O'Toole and Ursula Andress

Compatibility for Romance

There would be much compatibility when romance and passion are concerned with this duo.

There would be many delightful romantic getaways in their life together. The passion of the Leo would be brought to the fore by the Pisces girl. His loyalty and warmth brings about goodness and compatibility in the relationship.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Leo man and the Pisces woman make good friends for life. Together they enjoy an innocence together to explore the outside world. Both are more interested in fantasy and this takes them together on a friendly ride for long.

Compatibility for Marriage

When it comes to marriage the Leo male and the Pisces female do not have much compatibility. The duo would be more than happy with love and romance, that when practical matters of marriage come into picture they would flop. The Leo guy seems to be more harsh to his partner and she would not be able to give him the required stimulation in life. With time, the relationship would show signs of wear and tear.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex would be a compatible affair with the pair of a Leo guy and a Pisces girl. Leo being a sensual and erotic guy and the Pisces girl being a dream lover would pep up this act together. Sex would bring about a sense of security and satisfaction for both. As both are soft at heart and love fantasy, this would be a very delectable affair for the pair.

The End game

The end for this relationship comes when the Leo guy cannot hang around for long with the dreamy Pisces girl. Else the Pisces female might have strayed. But then both of them do not hold grudges. They would be seen well beaten up and hurt and it would take long for both to nurse back their wounds and recoil.

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