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Gemini- Scorpio Compatibility

Being opposite signs and also a stimulating combination, the Gemini and the Scorpio repel and attract. Gemini is self contained, whereas Scorpio loves freedom and independence. Both are naturally busy and active people, so a mutual exchange comes easily to them. These two are as contrary as chalk and cheese. It's not that they're opposites so much as they have absolutely nothing in common. Life will be a little rosier if the twins have Venus in either Taurus or Cancer.Geminis are the beautiful butterflies of the zodiac, wanting to flit off in different directions every five minutes, whereas Scorpios aren't really that restless.

Gemini-Scorpio Compatibility
Geminis just don't have the depth that their Scorpion swains search for. And Scorpios don't have the intellectual scope that the twins thrill for. Geminis are ruled by the mighty midget mercury, winged messenger of the gods, who makes them dash about like demented dervishes. When a Gemini fellow falls for a Scorpio female, he may be able to assert himself when she comes on too strong. Even so, he'll have to come up with more than just his usual puckish patter if he's to keep this lass loving him. Reverse the roles and you'll have to hold on to your hat.

Gemini Man & Scorpio Woman Compatibility
Gemini Woman & Scorpio Man Compatibility

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