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Gemini- Libra Compatibility

This combination creates a mutual appreciation of all that is refined, artistic, beautiful, sociable, interesting and informative. Gemini likes to communicate, so is happy to share with Libra who, in turn, is not satiated or complete when alone. Gemini and Libra have so much in common that sometimes there's no needs for words.They both need to feel an intellectual rapport with their paramour, because neither can fall for fools.

Gemini-Leo Compatibility
The luscious Libran way of wooing will truly transform the twin, who'll be drowned under a delicious deluge of love letters, passionate poems and sometimes snatches of songs. In return, that Geminian quick wit will keep the Libran laughing and those sudden swings of mercurian mood, from rumbustious pompishness to ravishing romance in the time it takes a heartstrings to ping, will make sure the Venusian valentine never veers from the path of true love.

Gemini Man & Libra Woman Compatibility
Gemini Woman & Libra Man Compatibility

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