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Gemini- Leo Compatibility

On mental and intellectual level both agree. Leo feels to be the center of attraction but feels neglected when Gemini becomes absorbed elsewhere. Leo's desire to take control may overpower Gemini's free spirit. If both agree to let each other go his or her own way, this can be a sparkling combination. When a Leo and a Gemini team up they can show more sparkle than the diamond. With their love of laughter and life they've got a lot in common and can even teach each other a thing or two.Those glittering Geminis will make their lovely Lions relax and they in turn can transmit to the twinkling twins a little of their own gorgeous generosity and wonderful warmth.

Gemini-Leo Compatibility
The Geminian way with words and the Lion's flair for forgiveness, should be able to patch up any punctures in their partnership. There's a thoroughly theatrical atmosphere to this alliance and this couple's idea of a terrific time is to spend time at the cinema, and book a box for the ballet, followed by a fantastic feed-up at a ritzy restaurant before rushing off home for an intercourse. Once they slip between the silk sheets, the Leo can be such a luscious lover that even a twin will be lost for words.They'll love the sensation of melting into each other's arms and the Geminian will respond even more warmly than with some other signs.Once out of bed, they continue to be a caring couple and the child like charm of the Gemini will captivate that large Leo heart.

Gemini Man & Leo Woman Compatibility
Gemini Woman & Leo Man Compatibility

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