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Aquarius- Taurus Compatibility

These are two extremely determined signs which basically are seperative in nature.Taurus will not understand his unpredictability and when Aquarius wants to be free and aloof he/she finds Taurus possessive.One has to give way. Aquarius has a natural desire to share affection with many people but Taurus is much more reserved with his feelings.Taureans are truly terrific, but on a bad day, a bull can be as stubborn as a mule and an Aquarian,who's usually full of fun, can throw a funny do and be as intransigent as a sack of cement. When thest two make a stand over something, the world could crash around their lugholes and they wouldn't budge.
Aquarius-Taurus Compatibility
They'll both be lusciously loyal and if they have a firm foundation to their affair, they'll stick like glue to each other through thick and thin. For example, if they met at an early age when they were both broke, they could discover that it's difficult to trip the light fantastic when all you own in the world is half a can of baked beans. But the enterprising Aquarian will show the boodle-brained bull that they can pull through.And they will!

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