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Aquarius- Gemini Compatibility

Gemini can accept a detached or unpredictable mood from Aquarius and is mentally stimulated both by Aquarian's originality and inventiveness.The unconventional and changeable quality of this friendship keeps it interesting.If the Aquarian is ruled by unusual Uranus and not steady Saturn, the Gemini will love the notion of not knowing what's going to happen next. Communication is definitely the order of the day for this dynamic duo and they can talk about everything that's understood in the universe.
Aquarius-Gemini Compatibility
A romantic relationship between these two won't be wine and roses. If the Aqauarian has Venus in the Fishy sign of Pisces or the Gemini has Venus in caressing Cancer, their relationship will have a more romantic ring to it, but otherwise they'll both be bright and breezy in the bedroom and when they make love it'll be more like a balmy breath of beautiful air on a magnificent morning then a torrent of thunder and lightning in a summer storm. If they aren't careful,sex can change from cool and carefree caresses to cold and calculating consummation.

Aquarius Man & Gemini Woman Compatibility
Aquarius Woman & Gemini Man Compatibility

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