2023 - Chinese Year Of The Rabbit

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As per Chinese tradition, the Chinese New Year in 2023 begins on the 22 nd of January and it is the year of the Water Rabbit. This Rabbit year would end on the 9 th of February, 2024 and then the ensuing year would be that of the Dragon. This would be the 4721 st year according to the Chinese calendar.

The Rabbit is said to be on the luckiest and likeable animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Those born in the year of the Rabbit would be generally very affectionate and generous in nature.

They do not enter into any disputes and like to lead a peaceful life. They are very quiet in nature with a good heart. They are very polite and diplomatic and some are very creative and intelligent.

year of Rabbit - 2023
Recent Rabbit Years

The most recent years of the Rabbit include 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 , 2011 and 2023. The next Rabbit year would be year 2035.

Celebrities born in the year of the Rabbit

Queen Victoria(born May 24, 1819)

Albert Einstein (born Mar 14, 1879)

Roger Moore (born Oct 14, 1927)

Tina Turner (born Nov 26, 1939)

Michael Jordan (born Feb 17, 1963)

Michael Jordan (born Feb 17, 1963)

Tiger Woods (born Dec 30, 1975)

Lionel Messi (born Jun 24, 1987)

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Positive personality traits of Rabbit

Rabbit personalities are very friendly, diplomatic, kind, gentle and modest. They are very likeable and avoid all sorts of conflicts around. They are very easy-going and make good partners for life. Rabbits are very generous that they might give up their last penny as well. They have good communication skills and make excellent negotiators. Generally, Rabbit natives are very knowledgeable and are found to be successful in their lives.

Negative personality traits of Rabbit

Rabbit people are found to be fearful, anxious and timid in nature. They are very sensitive, delicate and sentimental as well. As they like peace, they usually walk out of troubles without mending the issue at hand. They are averse to any sort of changes coming their way and dread new things.

Career Outlook of Rabbit

Rabbit natives are found to excel in career related to the general public as in law, public relations and counselling. They are good in pursuing details and have high concentration skills. They are very devoted to their job positions. Rabbits also make good diplomats as they work towards solving conflicts. Those born in the year of Rabbit make good doctors, fashion designers, teachers, artists and PRO’s.

Health of Rabbit People

Rabbit people in general, pent up their feelings and emotions that they get depressed and get sick easily. They ought to share or express their feelings with their loved ones to ease the anxiety. They generally command good health but for this. A good diet and physical works would keep them fit as a fiddle.

Love Life of Rabbit

Rabbit people make good and faithful partners. They are very loveable and generous and sexually active as well. However, many Rabbits have troubles sharing their emotions or feelings that their relationships might go awry. They are adept in making their partners happy, however their unpredictable nature might sometimes spoil their love life or marriage.

Best Matches for Rabbit:

Pig and Rabbit-This is a peaceful combination with the Pig accepting the intelligence of the Rabbit and the Rabbit in turn acknowledges the devoted Pig.

Sheep and Rabbit- Both the Sheep and the Rabbit are lovers of peace and harmony and hence this is a compatible combination. The Sheep would be very kind and gentle with the Rabbit.

Dragon and Rabbit- Both the Dragon and the Rabbit complement each other despite their different personalities.

Worst Matches for Rabbit:

Rabbit and Rat- The Rabbit is not so social that irks the Rat and the Rat is a possessive and jealous character that might not go well with the Rabbit.

Rabbit and Tiger- The Tiger is very loud and daunting while the Rabbit wants to be subtle and quiet. The Tiger is very spontaneous and the Rabbit sticks to routine.

Rabbit and Horse- The hasty Horse cannot cope up with the conservative Rabbit. Usually responsibilities are thrust on the Horse by the Rabbit and this annoys the Horse.

Lucky and Unlucky Things for the Rabbit

Lucky Unlucky
1. Numbers 3,4,9 1,7,8
2. Colors Red, pink, purple and blue Dark brown, dark yellow
3. Flowers Snapdragon, Plantain Lily, Nerve Plant
4. Directions East, Southeast, South
5. Element Wood
6. Season Spring
7. Gemstone Pearl

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