Chinese dog Horoscope

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This year of the Tiger would be a favorable year for the creative pursuits and love life of the Dog people. There would be major changes coming your way. You are not one to sit idle and alone sulking over your past. You like to trudge ahead in style. This year would help you to showcase your talents to the outside world and hog the limelight. You would do well in academics, sports and the technical side as per your field of action.

There would be goodness in your love life and your relationships soar to new heights. This year, career would get sidelined and the other aspects of your life would get into focus. The year of the Tiger would bring about versatile experiences for the Dog natives through the period.


For the year 2022, your career prospects would be quite stable without much happenings that would alter your life. It would be routine work and steady flow of income. Dog guys who are looking for a new job would find this time favorable. You are known for your hard work and commitment and hence it would be a cake-walk for you this year. Your rise in professional life would be a slow and steady process. Keep working, do not rest on your laurels. Dogs pursuing own business might encounter some losses and hindrances through this year of the Tiger. Beware of false friends and fraudulent deals for now. Things would change around the third quarter of the year.


The year of the Tiger does not foresee any major financial change in your life as well. There would not be any major financial hiccups through the year. This would be a good period for high value purchases and long term investments plans. You might be even buying your dream house or luxury vehicle as the year moves on. You are generally thrifty in nature, but then occasional indulgences would bring happiness to you. You can spend money on recreational activities and family members.


The love prospects for the year 2022 would be full of emotions, joy and happiness. Most Dog folks would be locating their partner this year. You cannot stay alone for long and is quite afraid to harness any potential love prospects as well. However unexpected acquaintances might turn out to be positive developments in your love life. Old friends and even an Ex might light up the lost love fire in you. This year, your love and commitment for your partner/spouse would get better by the days. For some birth of a child in the family would bring about happiness.


Though you would be doing good in health terms, be cautious of any excessive physical or mental strains. Stress and over-work might burden your nerves. Some Dogs might have joint pains. Be physically active and also mentally keep yourself occupied. Spiritual pursuits would bless you with good spirits. Do not resort to any bad habits that might hamper your general health and welfare. A sound body and a sound mind would take you places this year.