Chinese rooster Horoscope

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Rooster folks would be at their personal best this year. Your emotions and sentiments would be ruling the roost during this year of the Rat. Rely on your intuition and self-belief to guide you in your course of action. Along the year, you might encounter troubles and difficulties of sorts. Here your positivity and optimism would take you through.

This is not the time to pull yourself out of the race. You are generally found to be quite proud and showy. For the year ahead, do lay low and be at your best. Be prefect and honest in your works these days. This would improve your life and your social life also expands.

• There is no special affiliation between Rooster and Rat, hence this would be an average year for Rooster folks.

• Good Relationship between Ox, Snake, Dragon people.

• Conflicts with Rabbit, Dog, Rooster natives.

• Roosters are in for some career competitions and troubles.


There would be goodness in the career life of Rooster folks during this year of the Rat. During the course of the year, new ventures or projects would be assigned to you. It is up to you to prove your mettle these days. Do not act hasty and avoid misunderstandings of sorts around. This period would be a good time to fine-tune your skill-sets. You ought to fight a tough battle with peers to come up in professional life. Keep working hard, though the rewards might elude you now, your future lies in what you perform for now in the professional field.


The financial standing of Rooster people would be quite good during the year 2020. You would be quite satisfied with even a meager inflow of funds for now. Try to perform well in career to boost your income level. Also other secondary sources of monetary inflows should also be tried and tested now. Stick to your budget and save amicably for tough days ahead.


The love life of Rooster guys would be very romantic and emotional this year. Much fun and enjoyment are promised. The single ones are advised to look for goodness in partners before venturing out. Those already into a relationship or marriage are advised to be a little cautious in their moves.

Getting to know the desires and wishes of your partner is the key to the survival these days. You would be more attracted to an Ox or Snake person this time. This would be a good time to bring about stable relationships within family and friends circle too. Major revamp is likely in your social life too as the year progresses.


Rooster guys would have good health and cheer this year if they are positive towards life. Though minor ailments and small accidents are on the cards, you would come out unfazed this period. Your energy levels would be at their best, however do not over-strain. Good health habits would go a long way in blessing you with a healthy future.

Rooster Monthly Horoscopes-2020

Month 2020 Forecast
January luck and prosperity come for the natives
February beware of enemies and competitors
March move towards your ambitions in life
April do plan for your future these days
May delays and hindrances bog you down
June you would be financially stable, do save some
July do not let success weight you down
August a good time to socialize
September stand firm on your ground and look for stability
October spend quality time with family and not much on profession
November be active, stay away from arguments and gossips around
December your past efforts yield fruits now