Chinese monkey Horoscope

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The year of the Rat would be a year of new starts and beginnings for Monkey natives. There would be major changes coming your way too. A sense of optimism and security would prevail around. Overall prosperity and happiness are guaranteed. Much opportunities knock on your doors.

Things are not going to be the same again for Money personalities this year. Your intelligent nature would come in handy in tiding over troubles at times. The year 2020 promises to be full of fun, friends and enjoyment for Monkey folks.

• Monkey and Rat have good affiliation with each other, hence the year would be good for Monkey natives.

• Good Relationship shall exist between Dragon, Rat people.

• Conflicts with Tiger, Horse personalities likely.

• Monkey natives are asked to be cautious in relationships.


Monkey guys would be a bit more impulsive in the career field this year. And this might either end up in favor for you or might land you in trouble. Your creativity and intellect would now come to the fore. Things would just get a bit harder and it would not always be a bed of roses in the professional arena. Do something innovative to stay ahead of others. Also have a good relationship with peers and authorities in the year ahead. Stay away from enemies and competitors in work place. They might stifle your energy levels. Also do maintain a good balance between personal and professional life as this is where many of the Monkey natives make a mistake.


Though the year of the Rat promises good tidings in your financial sector, better be cautious. Plan well ahead and stick to your budget. Do not over-indulge and stay clear of high value purchases for now. Try to bring in other sources of income by way of following your hobby or the like. This would make sure that your hands are full as the year progresses.


During this year or the Rat, the Monkey natives would be in full control of their love relationship or marriage. A sense of confidence, and satisfaction would be felt. The aspiring ones would be able to try the knot and the single ones would locate their ideal partner for life. The key to goodness in love and marriage this period would be good communication.

Speaking your mind off would dispel any darkness that surrounds your relationship. Express yourself freely and give your partner his or her total freedom as well. Some assertiveness is also called for in relationships. Striking a good balance with emotions and practicality is the need of the hour. Your social life is also in for a major revamp this year.


Monkey people would command general health and well being during the year 2020. A sense of stability and confidence would be felt. Try to improve your health further by good habits, better rest and rejuvenation occasionally. Minor alterations to your lifestyle would also do wonders. Beware of small health concerns at times through the year ahead though.

Monkey Monthly Horoscopes- 2020

Month 2020 Forecast
January past troubles haunt you
February avoid starting new ventures, stick to old ones
March luck in love and career shall come for you
April unexpected challenges likely in this period
May be prepared to handle unwanted issues in life
June favorable period for hard workers
July action rather than talks needed this time of the year
August do not heed to misunderstandings and hearsays around
September period of mixed fortunes for the natives
October good time with family and friends
November prosperity abounds, do relax
December misunderstandings and troubles around