Chinese snake Horoscope

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The year of the Pig would be a period of peace and tranquil for Snake individuals. Your social life would be at its peak. Natives would have ample time and resources to pursue their passion and not succumbing to the burdens and rigors of personal and professional issues through the year. Some of your long-felt desires and wishes would be fulfilled as the year progresses on a positive note.


Career would keep the Snake natives on their toes all through the year of the Pig. But then for status quo conditions, natives are advised to keep working hard, despite delays and hindrances they encounter en-route. Stay away from troubles in the workplace as the period is not conducive for cordial relationships at office. Propose your ideals to your higher-ups, you would be able to get their goodwill these days. Some snake folks are likely to make a job-hop or switch that has been itching them for sometime now.


For the year of the Pig, Snake people are in for some financial troubles. However things would stay under control, if you keep a tab of your expenses and avoid indulgence of sorts for now. Though the start of the year would seem financially turbulent, the ensuing months would secure yourself quite financially. Use any inflow of resources for paying off of your old debts and loans. Try to save some as well for troubled times ahead or just for the future.


Snake individuals would be able to make some important decisions regarding their love life or married life during this year of the Pig. A good time to prune relationships as well. Also compromises need to be made if your relationship is thick enough to survive. Many short-term relationships come and go for some natives. Much romance and love are on the cards. Do not waiver your mind over these short-term prospects, instead look at the bigger, better future.

If you are staying on an abusive relationship, this year would help you to sever the same. You would be able to settle scores with some Exes as well through the year. But then be passionate and do not hold up your emotions. Some good, loyal and faithful partners are just round the corner. However make sure that you give your friends and family their due share of love and time as well.


The first half of the year would see the Snake natives in good energy levels. However with time, there would be a slowdown of the natives. To stay in tune, natives are advised to be stay physically active and stay away from stress and strain that may take a toll on their general health and wellbeing. The second half of the year forecasts occasional health issues, and medical intervention would help you to tide the same.