Chinese rooster Horoscope

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The year of the Pig seems to be a period of status quo for Rooster personalities. Keep working on what you where doing for the last one year period. Not much of a change can be expected in the life of Rooster folks for most of the year. However a bit of socializing can be pursued which can give you happiness and a sense of fulfilment in life.

An abundant array of opportunities are on the anvil, it is up to you to stick to that which might match your gut instincts these days.


During the year of the Pig, Rooster folks would be quite busy with their career pursuits. You ought to keep up with the pace, else you would be left out in the rat race. Troubles and rifts of sorts are on the cards for some natives. Hence make sure that you strike good chords with colleagues and authorities in the work place. Be organized and focus on the ambitions and ideals of your professional life for now. Better planning would go a long way in forging a steady path for your career future. Speak out and communicate properly in order to earn the goodwill and repute of those in your workplace.


The general finances of Rooster individuals would be good all through this year of the pig. In fact your financial status stands to improve a lot through the course of the year. Though unexpected expenditure is on the cards, your savings would be intact for the period. However keep a tab of your spending for the season and stay away from making high-value purchases for now.


Major changes are likely in the love front for Rooster folks during this year of the Pig. And those changes would be quite positive for you. A quiet and peaceful love life or marital life is promised for most Rooster guys this year. There would be not much of rifts with partner or spouse and things would go on smoothly.

But then make sure that your partner reciprocates you. As the year progresses, there would be major developments in the love front. Family and friends would be a great source of support for you in your marriage or love. The single ones would be able to find their ideal partner as the year ends and life continues as it is for those already hooked up.


Health would be a mixed bag for Rooster individuals during the year of the Pig. Health needs constant monitoring and do not let stress weight you down. Keep a tab of what you are doing and what goes inside. Both mental and physical health needs to be handled with utmost caution during the year 2019 as far as Rooster folks are concerned.