Chinese monkey Horoscope

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Monkey natives are predicted with quite a favorable period ahead during this year of the Pig in year 2019. Natives would be able to do what they wish to do. And this applies for both personal and professional life. Do not be bogged down by delays and hindrances, instead pursue your dreams.

Though things might seem a bit hard and difficult, perseverance would pay you at the end of the day. Monkey people would get opportunities of sorts that would take them high up in life.


During the year of the Pig, Monkey individuals would be quite busy with their career. Your hands would be full for most of the year ahead. Do organize your work properly, else stress or strain might set in. Look out for opportunities around for growth in your profession or business. Major success is just round the corner for the aspiring Monkey people out there. Show your mettle to your authorities or higher-ups and get into their good books. But then don't be a workaholic. Bond with your peers and colleagues as well and try to break ice around all year long. This would earn you promotions and pay hikes these days.


For Monkey folks, the year of the Pig, promises to be a good year from a financial perspective. Your coffers would be full and you would be able to spend and indulge in your areas of interest. This would be a good time, to upgrade your standard of living as well. However make sure that you stay within limits, else you might end up in troubled waters. Plan for the future, invest wisely, sow cautiously and wait for the right time to harvest and this would be the key to your financial growth this year.


Monkey people are in for a challenging period during this year of the Pig in love and marital areas. Either there would be goodness else things might get murkier by the day. Till the middle of the year there might be issues haunting your relationships. However later on things get levelled up easily. Make sure that you feel the needs and desires of your partner. Some monkey folks would be able to locate potential partners from among friends and relatives.

Not a good time for socializing though. Partner or spouse might be too possessive for you to pursue the same. Talking and sharing would go a long way in mending fences this year. Some of you guys would be able to forge good relationships or marriage as the year winds on a positive note.


The year of the Pig promises good health for Monkey natives all through the year. You would have energy to pursue your routine works. Do not over-exert yourself though. Take periodic time off from professional and personal works to have your "me time". Pursue some sport or ambition of your choice that gives satisfaction in life. Stay healthy by sticking to good food habits. Look out for minor ailments that might haunt you occasionally. Prompt medical attention would relieve you though.